Caveman Crunch Bars

(via I have had lots of people asking me for alternatives to crappy grain ridden granola bars and they want them small and easy to take along, well this is what I came up with and boy are they addicting.  There are an endless amount of possibilities with these so feel free to play…

Media Watch: Commenters Bite Back On The Paleo Diet

by ELIZA BARCLAY (via (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)Photo caption: Vlad Averbukh, 29, a follower of the paleo diet, eats raw meat along the Hudson River in New York in 2010. (Averbukh did not weigh in on our blog post on the paleo diet.)   [PaleoNewsire Editor’s note: Geez… Dude eating raw meat…. C’mon NPR, why not a…

Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High-Fat Diet (and How to Respond)

(by Mark Sisson, via Mark’s Daily Apple)

A couple weeks back, I wrote about the top 8 most common reactions you get when people hear you don’t eat grains, and I offered up some concise responses to those reactions. It was well received, so I thought I’d do the same thing for “your high-fat diet.” If you thought having to explain your grain-free diet was tough, explaining a high-fat diet – in particular, a high-animal fat diet – may seem even harder. At least with a grain-free diet, you’re merely removing something that many hold near and dear to their hearts. It’s “healthy” and “delicious,” sure, but at least you’re not adding something that will actively kill you. Fat is that deadly thing, for many people. It’s “fat,” for crying out loud. It’s bad for you, practically a poison. Everyone knows it. I mean, have you seen what fat down the kitchen drain does to your plumbing?

30-second Review: Paleo Budget Guide by Robb Wolf

(by Todd Jagger) Okay, how about a 1-second review? You need this e-book. There. Done. What? You want more? Okay, okay. The great thing about Robb’s writing is it’s the perfect combination of science + humor + humanity + no-bullshit honesty.  He cuts right to the chase getting the standard tired arguments people proffer about…

Media Watch: The Paleo Diet Moves From The Gym To The Doctor’s Office

 by ELIZA BARCLAY (via   Some physicians say the theory of “evolutionary medicine” can help guide the treatment of modern ailments like obesity. By now the paleo diet and lifestyle has inched from the fringe a little closer to the mainstream, thanks to some very passionate followers sold on the notion that our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors avoided modern…

First Paleo/Primal Food Truck Gets Funding Via Kickstarter

Not So Fast! is the first Paleo & Primal friendly food truck in San Diego, California. We offer local, fresh products with an exciting and delicious twist.

We will utilize local farms to source our meats, eggs, wild caught seafood, and fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. We’re dedicated to creating hearty, unprocessed foods on-the-go that will appeal to anyone and everyone.

Our menu is:

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Grain Free, Legume Free, with No Added Sugar, No Processed Foods and No Preservatives.
We carry gluten-free and multi grain buns for those that can’t get into the lettuce wrap 🙁
Dairy free options are available as well.